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4 months ago
#Phxhydro's new perminant addition. A money tree by the front door. PHXHydroAZ photo
1 year ago
Twista came thru and blessed us with some love!! Hope you all can join us next time!! Shot out to 710 chronicles!!
2 years ago
"Build anywhere, build anything, grow anywhere, grow everywhere, grow the revolution." (Jh36)

2 years ago
We do not recommend this at home!!
Phantom de tower @hydrofarm
2 years ago
Always good times at shop..... If you are in the area stop by and say what's up, as we are always glad you came by!
2 years ago
PhxHydro Can get you started on your very own garden, And give you the best advice on where to began and how to maintain a beautiful garden. PHXHydroAZ photo